Jennifer Sullivan


Selected Projects
Bulletproof Heart
Trust Fall
Vagina Monologue
The Edge of Continuation
Big Girl Paintings
Under The Influence, A Woman
Origin of the World
Abstract Perversion / 5 Car Garage
What Are You Looking For? / 247365
It's a Process at Primetime
Like A Virgin (In the Style of Nabokov)
Biography / FAWC
The Right Wrong / Greene Exhibitions
Adult Movie / Las Cienegas Projects
Kickstarter Video: Burden of Dreams
It's a Process: Hennessey Youngman
Kate Bush Dance Troupe (2008 - 2012)
Sexual Healing
It's a Process: Ladies Night Live
Other Videos and Performances
Cathartic Karaoke
WJEN Live! From Los Angeles, CA
Performance Paintings
One-Week Walden
Generica (2003 - 2005)

Selected Reviews and Interviews
Studio Tracks: Jennifer Sullivan's Playlist
Paris, LA blog
Interview with Max Maslansky on Riffin'
Erin Nixon, The Superior Object, Make Literary Magazine, Fall 2013
Ken Johnson, The Double Dirty Dozen (& Friends), The New York Times

Telling Tales, Art Papers, March/April 2012
Kickstarter Creator Q&A
Ken Johnson, One-Week Walden, The New York Times
Matthew Chambers, Jen Makes Art! (Interview), Trudi E-Project Space, December 2007